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“Cooking is an instinct. But not entirely. You always start from a particular ingredient. But then you experiment it. The objective is to enforce something you extremely like.”

Cooking: not only  standard food preparation. Creation, art, inventive, combination of right ingredients: the way to the taste.

Passionate for cooking since my childhood. Especially invention of new recipes.

Reputed as excellent in cooking by friends, partner, ex teachers and many others.

Here in my little world you will have the opportunity to test how I invent new dishes by taking different inspirations you will discover.

Welcome to tasty spy!

I will look forward to read your opinions.



Creativity in kitchen!

Sometimes, instead of buying all the ingredients for preparing a particular dish, I prefer to mix ingredients we have available and according to my personal tastes. A tradition keeping running in my family since three generations and who I will spread. It always created something super tasty. Since I am in London, I would like to create something very special involving also Asian or West Indians ingredients.

Back home, I have always been fun of the master chefs like Gordon Ramsey, Heston Blumenthal, LO Bosworth, Gianfranco Vissani. A curious thing is that during my professional life, when I was looking for job in London I passed the trial shifts both in Heston Blumenthal’s restaurant and in Gordon Ramsey’s but I could not accept for logistic issues. That’s the way life goes!

Though I worked also in luxury hotels, fine cooking it’s not my strongest skill, as home made and rustic creations can take better your eye and your mouth and I prefer to be more near the nature.

Welcome to my next recipe!